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May 3 - 5

SERHA Spring Celebration
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Raleigh, NC

July 27 - 28

SERHA Main Event
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Williamston, NC

Nov 1 - 3

SERHA Fall Spooktacular
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Williamston, NC

The Southeastern Reining Horse Association is an affiliate of the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA). Each year, SERHA conducts three NRHA approved shows. Core SERHA membership consists of riders and horse enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels from all walks of life, as well as many skilled professionals located across the Southeast.


Letter from your Board of Directors…

SERHA plans to host three shows this year. Our show dates for 2018 are May 4-6, July 28-29 and September 29-30. Please be sure to reserve the dates. 
SERHA is returning reining to Raleigh. The May show will be held at the Hunt Horse Complex at the Raleigh Fair Grounds. The July and September shows will continue to be at  the Sen. Bob Marting Agri Center in Williamston. Our affiliate qualifying shows are both slates of the Spring Celebration (May 4-6, 2018) and both slates of the SERHA Main Event (July 28-29, 2018). To qualify for the affiliate team and compete at the SE regional finals, you must 1) declare SERHA as your affiliate, 2) show and receive a score in at least one qualifying class and 3) finish in the top 15 in the qualifying totals for the class. Our SERHA yearend awards will be based on all three SERHA shows. You must show is at least 50% of the classes to be eligible. Both rider and horse owner must be SERHA members for rides to count toward awards. Be sure to verify both memberships before any rides at the Spring Celebration to receive credit for the rides. 
We exist to promote reining and provide show opportunities for you. Please consider making a contribution to SERHA to help us help you meet your goals. On the membership application there are several levels of contributions and sponsorship information is provided on the sponsorship page. Please help if you know of any other individuals or businesses that would be willing to sponsor. Any general contribution is appreciated. Also there is always the opportunity to increase added money in a class (within NRHA limitations). If you would like to do this please, please notify Daniel Blackburn at dblackburn@mindspring.comor by phone, 919.669.9486, at least 70 days prior to the class so that your additional money will count towards NRHA top ten.SERHA is a 501C3 non-profit organization so all contributions are tax deductible.


Show & Award Rules

SE ARC Qualifyer: You need to be a member of both NRHA and SERHA before showing at SERHA Spring Celebration in order to use those classes as qualifiers.  In order to qualify, you must show in at least one qualifying class, receive a score and be in the top 15 in the class that you would like to qualify for.

SERHA Year End Awards: SERHA year-end awards will be based solely on the SERHA shows. To be eligible for year end awards you must show at 50% (3) of the slates counting towards year ends (6) and both rider and owner must be members.

SERHA Spring Celebration – May 3-5
SERHA Main Event – July 27-28
SERHA Fall SpOOktacular – Nov 1-3

Earnings and Pay-out

W-9 FORMS: IRS requires us to issue 1099-MISC forms to everybody whos earnings excede $600 per calendar year. By law this is reportable income on your personal income tax return. Please print a copy of the W-9 form and bring it with you to the show office when you sign up.

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Show Results

For questions regarding Year End Standings please contact Laura Wilson


Reasons to join SERHA

  • You will be eligible for our year end awards.
  • You can qualify to compete in Affiliate Championships
  • Receive discounts at SERHA shows
  • Receive our newsletter
  • and most of all….. HAVE FUN and be part of the team.
2018 Membership Fees are only $10.00 each for Youth and Adults!

Feel free to contact one of our board members with any questions.

Please remember:
  • Both, owner and rider must be members to be eligible for year-end awards.
  • To qualify to show for SERHA at the SE ARC (Sept.) you need to be in the top 15 plus ties in class or classes that you want to qualify for. Designation of SERHA by Aug. 1st with NRHA

PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to renew your NRHA memberships before you go to your first show of the year.  Renewals made at the show office will be charged a $30.00 rush fee by NRHA (not SERHA!).  For your convenience you can now sign up or renew your NRHA membership online

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Become a Sponsor of SERHA

Are you interested in featuring your business or product at SERHA events?  Please review our sponsorship information.

Our 2018 Sponsor Levels

  • Event Sponsor
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  • Friends of SERHA
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Please address any sponsorship questions to:
Terri Mainey at or 919.623.6054

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