SERHA Show & Award Rules

Last Updated 01/28/17


SERHA Beginner Reiner

Any non-professional /Amateur Rider who:
  • Has earned less than $25 NRHA earnings, 50 NRHA Youth/Short Stirrup points, or NRHA 50 Green points.
  • Has not won Year-End Champion or Reserve Champion in SERHA Beginner, SERHA Green, NRHA Green (either level), Youth 14-18, or Youth 13&Under
    class during any prior year. Rider must be a current member in good standing of SERHA to compete.
  • Owner and Rider must be current members to be eligible for year-end awards.
  • Can use one or two hands and may switch at any time during pattern.
  • Can do two or four spins but must do the same both directions.
  • Simple lead changes are allowed.
  • Coach and/or Trainer allowed in the arena while you show.

SERHA Green Reiner

Any Non Professional /Amateur Rider:
  • Rider must be current member of SERHA to compete.
  • Owner and Rider must be current members to be eligible for year-end awards.
  • NRHA Green Rules Apply. (Please refer to NRHA handbook)

SERHA Green Horse

Open to any Rider.  Open to all 3 year old horses regardless of earnings, any horse with less than $500 NRHA current earnings or 50 youth points.
  • May show one handed or two in any legal bit.
  • SERHA may at certain smaller horse shows choose to allow ineligible horses to enter for a schooling opportunity.  These horses will receive a -0- score.  An announcement will be made at the show if this class is going to be opened to schooling horses.
  • SERHA reserves the right to ask anyone not to participate in these classes that they feel may have an unfair advantage that jeopardizes the spirit of these classes even if they fall within the technical guidelines outlined above.

Aged Events

NRHA Rules apply.
  • SERHA futurities are one or two handed in any legal bit.
  • To determine the winner of any special trophies for an aged event the horse/rider combination with the highest score will be the winner.  If a tie occurs, a flip of a coin will decide the winner of the award.


Weekend high point awards

  • Determined by the highest composite score in a class/ division.
  • In the case of a tie total money won will determine the winner.  If a tie still remains the horse/rider combinations will be named Co-Weekend High Point Champions.  Riders will flip a coin for the award.
  • To be eligible for Weekend High Point in NRHA classes, no SERHA membership is required. SERHA membership is required for SERHA club classes.
  • Points and earnings are based on a “one horse –one rider combination”.

Yearend high point awards

  • Both riders and owners of horses competing must be members in good standing of SERHA for points to be counted towards SERHA year-end awards.
  • Points count from the time the membership is received.
  • Points are awarded on a “one horse-one rider combination”.
  • Points are calculated using the NRHA Regional Affiliate qualification system.
  • No points are awarded for a zero score.
  • In the event of a tie, earnings will be used to determine standings.
  • To qualify for SERHA year-end class awards, participants must show in no less than 50% of the classes offered for the year.
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